Motion scans

How can we get people moving in public space?

Luxembourg in Transition

How can we use soil and people as the foundation for a national transition?

Urban Forests

How can we bridge the gap between forestry and urban planning?

Learning Network Sustainable Cities

How can we shape a learning network on sustainable neighbourhoods for various Flemish institutions?

Living Lab BRV

How can we deploy new instruments for densification?

Playing Fabric Leuven

How can we give children a voice in designing their own play environment?

Study Flemish Calls

How can we increase the impact of spatial calls by the Flemish Government?

Study Living in Geraardsbergen

How can we set up a municipality-wide conversation about housing?

Research Focus Environmental Department

How can we co-create a 10-year departmental research focus?

Sustainable Development Plan Brussels 2020-40

How can we co-create the sustainable development plan of Brussels?

Cooperative Housing Study

How can we scale up an alternative to buying or renting in Belgium?

Behavioral Study 1 - Compact living

How can we live more compact in Flanders?

Behavioral Study 2 - Transport and Facilities

How can we better understand behavioural choices in relation to facilities?

Behavioral Study 3 - Living Influencers

How can we influence the living behaviour in Flanders?

Train Station Environments

How can we build better train station environments?

Studio Repurposing Churches

How can we redevelop empty churches to serve communities?


How can we identify modes of learning outside formal settings?

Safety in Public Space

How can we design safe public space?

Bovenbouw special

How can we build faster and more sustainably?

The social value of heritage

How can we capture the social value of heritage?

Assessment framework heritage

How can we consider the role of heritage in spatial development?