We believe in inclusive, diverse, sustainable and just cities.

We believe space is key to a high quality of living.

We believe in the democratisation of the production of space.

We believe in extraordinary solutions and doing things differently.

We believe in hacking the linear way of thinking.

We believe co-creation leads to better solutions.

We believe in an open (source) exchange of knowledge and expertise.


Cities in transition

Increasingly complex demographic, ecological and social challenges are manifesting themselves as our cities are transforming and expanding. The spatial design, planning and (re-)development of our cities has to provide the right frameworks to deal with these challenges.

The existing methods, processes and systems to design, plan, program and manage urban environments are often not adapted to this changing context or fail to actively include citizens and local stakeholders. Endeavour therefore aims to radically rethink the way space is produced and organised.

To claim the right to the city (…) is to claim some kind of shaping power over the process of urbanization, over the ways in which our cities are made and remade, and to do so in a fundamental and radical way.
— Harvey (2012)

Hack the city

While a solution to these problems requires a variety of measures, we see in our work that project-based, co-operative procedures and dialogues are the ideal way to generate and use local knowledge, which is inevitable for the research and design of the sustainable cities we want to live in. The philosophy of "hacking the city" acknowledges that creating a better world does not always require to reinvent the wheel, but to use existing tools in a different manner. In this manner, we relate also to the exploration of the role of the expert. Citizens themselves can become city makers and thus participate in procedures to create better, healthier, socially responsible and sustainable metropolitan zones; and we want to serve as the instrument for them to do so.