Maarten Desmet

Maarten Desmet is trained as an architect, worked at the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement in Bhutan and published a book on the kingdom's development philosophy Gross National Happiness (GNH). In his PhD research at TU Delft he focuses on the translation of GNH into a planning approach. Maarten is co-founder of the sustainability service For Good.


Tim Devos

Tim Devos is an engineer architect, urban planner and holds a PhD in social geography. After working as a researcher for ‘Steunpunt Ruimte & Wonen’ at the Department of Urban planning & Architecture, he recently completed his PhD research at the Social Geography Department at KU Leuven, focusing on participation and coproduction in urban planning processes.


Seppe De Blust

Seppe De Blust is sociologist and urban planner. After working in between politics and policy, he was responsible for planning processes at the Antwerp architectural and urban planning office Stramien. Seppe is currently conducting a PhD research in urban planning at KU Leuven focusing on the position of critical spatial practitioners in neighbourhood redevelopment.


Jan Van Hoof

Jan is trained as a public space designer and architect. After exploring the social impact of public space through interventions as an artist/designer, he studied architecture and shifted focus to a research based approach. Jan worked as an architect and researcher within several offices in Belgium and the Netherlands. He is currently conducting a PhD research at KU Leuven focusing on the social impact of spatial qualities of collective space.


Jonas De Maeyer

Jonas studied architecture and urban planning. After having worked for several years in the field of architecture, landscape and urban design, he started focusing on research and activism. At Parsons, the New School in New York he did research on gentrification. He co-authored 'over de rand' a research project by OMGEVING about the urban fringe of Ghent. Jonas co-founded Heim, an initiative focusing on arrival architecture and the integration of newcomers.


Jakob Vandevoorde

Jakob Vandevoorde is urban and spatial planner. He recently finished his Master at the KU Leuven and Wageningen University and wrote a thesis about public support for forest expansion in Flanders and The Netherlands. In addition, Jakob is currently chairman of the JNM (a Belgian youth movement for nature and environment).