Transport Region Kempen

How can we achieve a sustainable mobility shift in Kempen region?


How can we put a region back on the mental map?

Behavioral Study 1 - Compact living

How can we live more compact in Flanders?

Softening the Playground Study

How can we help schools to sustainably redevelop their playgrounds?

Urban Forests

How can we bridge the gap between forestry and urban planning?

Behavioral Study 2 - Transport and Facilities

How can we better understand behavioural choices in relation to facilities?

Luxembourg in Transition

How can we use soil and people as the foundation for a national transition?

Climate Adaptation Strategy Antwerp

How can we co-create a climate adaptation strategy for a metropolis?

Brownfield best-practices

How can we share knowledge about brownfield development?


How can we repurpose an unnecessary airport?

Energy Transition Pajottenland

How can we tailor the energy transition to a landscape?

Sustainable Development Plan Brussels 2020-40

How can we co-create the sustainable development plan of Brussels?

Toolbox 'City Trees'

How can we grow networks of trees throughout the city?

Positive energy districts

How can we manage uncertainty in positive energy district design?

Behavioral Study 3 - Living Influencers

How can we influence the living behaviour in Flanders?

Circular Economy Houthalen-Helchteren

How can we work towards a circular business park?

Climate Adaptation East Flanders

How can we design actions for climate adaptation together with municipalities?

Energy landscapes OVK-Waas

How can we cooperatively shape the energy transition at a regional level?