Playing Fabric Antwerp Dam

How can we formulate a relevant program for sporting and playing in public space?

Sealevel rising strategy

How can we set up a regional-wide conversation about the rising sea level?


How can we put a region back on the mental map?

Masterplan Campus Offerlaan

How can we make a masterplan with 6 very different schools and their pupils?

Participation Studio

How can we empower municipalities in the art of participation?

Gent St-Pieters development pt.2

How can we rethink the area around one of Belgium's busiest train stations?

Knowledge sharing Strategic Projects

How can we share knowledge about supra-local planning processes?

Energy landscapes OVK-Waas

How can we cooperatively shape the energy transition at a regional level?

Study Living in Geraardsbergen

How can we set up a municipality-wide conversation about housing?

Research Focus Environmental Department

How can we co-create a 10-year departmental research focus?

Study trip University of Antwerp

How can we organise a covid-proof study trip?

Policy Plan Puurs

How can we think long-term about living, working and mobility?

Dansaert Dreams

How can we rethink a neighbourhood with shop owners?

Masterplan Lint

How can we densify and integrate social housing in the city?

City Hall Leuven

How can we transform a city hall into a 'hall for the city'?

Urban Renewal Project Otterstraat Turnhout

How can we redevelop a neighbourhood economically and socially?

Masterplan Bijloke Ghent

How can we design a masterplan with 20 cultural organisations?

Study Muide-Meulestede Ghent

How can we co-create a neighbourhood agenda?

Den Dam 2060

How can we participate in the development of a neighbourhood?

Louisalaan - Naamsepoort

How can we include the needs of neighbours in a masterplan?

Study Dry-docks Antwerp

How can we create a new future together for a historic port site?

Masterplan Dilbeek

How can we combine different public programs in a neighborhood?

Expo 2018

How can we collectively curate art in our neighbourhoods?

Masterplan VUB

How can we activate local knowledge to design a university campus?

Summerschool VAi 2017

How can we empower children in shaping their cities?

Bovenbouw special

How can we build faster and more sustainably?

Blue Boulevard Hasselt

How can we together create an ambition framework for the development of a new neighborhood?

Youth Participation Ninove

How can we involve children in drawing a vision for a new neighbourhood?

Climate Adaptation Strategy Antwerp

How can we co-create a climate adaptation strategy for a metropolis?

Make Zaanstad

How can we rethink the approach to participatory area development?

Masterplan 2050 UGent

How can we develop a vision for the transition to a sustainable university?

Masterplan Heverlee

How can we connect two separated areas in a city?

Mijn kijk op de wijk

How can we map out a neighbourhood by foot?

Nieuwkerken Sint Niklaas

How can we create an attractive residential environment for the elderly?

Participation Herne

How can we redevelop a village centre with its inhabitants?

Antwerp Ringroad Phase 1: East

How can we reconnect two neighborhoods disconnected by a ringroad?

Antwerp Ringroad Phase 2: Parc South

How can we connect and give breathing space to neighborhoods around a ringroad?


How can we set up an alternative educational programme for city makers?

Urban Development Roeselare

How can we use the redevelopment of a street as a leverage for urban redevelopment?

Softening the Playground Study

How can we help schools to sustainably redevelop their playgrounds?

Participatory (Re)development of Antwerp Schools

How can we learn from the dialogue between a school, the neighbors and stakeholders?

Transport Region Kempen

How can we make a sustainable shift in mobility?

Train Station Laken

How can we develop a former train station into a socio-cultural hub?

Assessment framework heritage

How can we consider the role of heritage in spatial development?

DNA of the village Moorsele

How can we discover the DNA of their village together with residents?

Policy Plan Kasterlee

How can we look to the future together with the entire community?

Policy Plan Herentals

How can we make a cross-community spatial plan?

The Kruierie Balen

How can we allow existing and new partners of a library and leisure centre to create a third place?

Parc Schelde Wetteren

How can we bring together the spatial issues and spatial ambitions around the Scheldt?

Master Plans Noorderwijk & Morkhoven

How can we draw up master plans for two boroughs in Herentals?

Leader project Shared Farm Roads

How can we avoid conflict situations on agricultural roads?

Stadium Beringen Mine

How can we revive a historic football stadium?

Complex project 'A New Border'

How can we build a framework for complex regional infrastructure?

Flyover E17 Ghent

How can we work towards an integrated vision for the future of the viaduct?

Study ABO-axis

How can we rethinking a mobility axis as a lab for urban renewal?

Supervision school projects for City Education in Antwerp

How can we build schools with its children, parents, teachers and district?